Cina's Testimonial

I just had to drive home on my lunch break to see if the painting finally arrived. Went to get it out, it is absolutely fantastic. I got tears in my eyes, so realistic that is almost scary.

I now left it at the framer, a beautiful, slightly colorful frame and antique styled. It will look fantastic. I will get it next Friday at earliest because they had to order the frame and it delivered in Thursdays.

So now I will have to wait again… promise that you will get a photo of it when I get the framed painting back. Many thanks Katja; you should know that I spread your website to all people I know and I’m hoping you will get many commissions.

Cina Hjorth

Cina's Testimonial

This is the oil painting Cina commissioned of her two Nova scotia duck tolling retrievers. Gully was at that time no longer with us, but Jixxy was. Sadly Cina wrote me a letter later and told me that Jixxy passed away too. Fortunately Cina

managed to take a photo of Jixxy before she died, otherwise that chance would be lost for ever. She is looking so sweet on this photo. Cina was very happy with her portrait and kept her promise about sending me a photo of Jixxy next to her portrait.