Portraits in in Graphite Pencil by Katja Turnsek

pencil portrait

Pencil Portrait Commission Info

This one of four pencil portraits a company commissioned to give away as gift to the people portrayed. The pencil portrait was drawn years ago and I have developed my drawing skills since then. The size of this portrait drawing is A4 which used to be one of my standard sizes and the smallest available.

I managed to erase the testimonial I got since I wasn't that organized back then. The client came to collect the portraits in person and Leif along with the others were all delighted with their portraits.

Drawing Information

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
Year Drawn: 2008
Subject: Person / Leif
Commissioned by: Client in Sweden

The Reference Photograph of "Leif"

The client sent me one nice photo to work from. I erased the background and turned the coloured photo into a black and white one. I also erased the bottom part to eliminate the sharp edges.

Reference Photo