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The Studio

Here you can see photographs of my working Studio Area and some equipment I use for working at my 'one woman company' Katja's Art Studio. I’m working as a portrait artist from my home, so I don’t need to travel every morning to a regular job. I wake up in the morning, drink some coffee, and go out with the dog.

After all that has been done I read all incoming emails which I recieved by night. After over an hour it’s finally time to continue working on all my portraits. I really love my job because it's not only a job, it's a lifestyle. I think that I don’t need to write down about all my pencils, brushes, paints, papers and rest of the supplies I use to work with.

It's really nice being able to work at home since it’s a calm environment and my dog don’t have to be home alone all days long. When I work I always listen to music. In fact I could never work without my music! You can also read my Biography in this section.

katja's art studio