A Guide To All Portrait Mediums

Many times it comes down to budget, but if that's not the case, it can sometimes be a hard task to choose the right medium for your portrait. I have created a simple guide to help you choose medium. If you would like my professional opinion about which medium would suit your photos, do not hesitate to email them at any time. I paint portraits in oil, pencil or contè pastel, view the differences below.

The impressive medium which achieves great realism combined with a painterly feel

I paint my oils in alla prima, also called premier coup. With a structured approach I go directly for the final effect and complete each panting while the paint is still wet. My paintings are a mix of impressionism and realism, a truly unique style.

When painting in oil, I focus on everything that matters; color harmony, light, expression and detail.

If you are ready to invest some money for the privilege of owning an oil painting, then this medium is for you.

Pet portraits in oil

The traditional and classic medium which gives impression of detail and contrast

If you like details, drama or don't mind there is no color in artwork, then the traditional graphite pencil drawings are for you.

Again, everything from head studies to full bodies and fully drawn backgrounds can be created with pencils. All pencils are all drawn on Fabriano 5 paper and are delivered with a mount /matt.

Pet portraits in pencil

The classic and painterly medium which achieves soulful smoothness with a dreamy feel

If you like simple and painterly styled portraits with a touch of artistic drama and less colors, then this medium is for you.

Everything from head studies to full bodies can be created with conté, but with a simpler style. This medium and style is not suitable for detailed backgrounds.

All conté crayons are drawn on colored or white paper and are delivered with a mount /matt.

Pet portraits in conte