Pet Portraits Gallery in Oil, Pencil and Conté Pastel

Pet portraits of your own dog, cat or horse make a unique and wonderful celebration of his or her life. Even though I mostly get commissioned to paint and draw dogs, cats and horses, I would love to paint any kind of animal or other subject for you.

Or, if you don't have a pet, why not commission portraits as gifts for your family or friends? You are welcome to view my pet portrait galleries of paintings and drawings from previous commissions by clicking on the small images below. I'm creating pet portraits in various mediums.

More information about the different mediums can be found in each gallery. I paint and draw portraits oil, pencil and conté pastel. Read about how to order your own pet portrait in the order Information section. I hope you will enjoy my portraits and don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

Pet portraits gallery
oil paintings
Oil Paintings
Traditionally hand-painted in layers, using finest oil paint on linen canvas. Visit oil gallery »
pencil drawings
Pencil Drawings
Traditionally hand-drawn with graphite pencils on talian Fabriano paper. Visit pencil gallery »
conte drawings
Conté Pastel Drawings
Artistically hand-drawn with conté & hard pastel on Canson paper. Visit conté gallery »