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Ordering a Pet Portrait from Katja

This information will quickly give you an idea about the ordering process. With many years of experience in taking pet portrait commissions I have learned how to meet my clients requirements and wishes on a personal level. However, my high level service doesn’t stop there, I also take each commission as an opportunity to exceed all my customer’s expectations. More than often I’m praised for my high level service and it makes me very proud. I hope you will find everything you need here, if you still have questions and would like some more help when ordering your portrait please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

1 Your Photos as Reference

Choose some of your best photos of your subject. I look at one main photograph when painting, but would love to have a choice of several photos in order to see the true appearance and coloring. The photos must be large, sharp and clear. View my photo tips page for more information.

photo to painting

2Choose Medium and Price

My portraits are hand-painted with traditional painting techniques in Oils, Pencil or Conté pastel, view my gallery for many examples of my work. Many sizes and prices for each medium are located on my price-list.

conté pet portraits

Conté Pastel Pet Portraits

graphite pencil pet portraits

Pencil Pet Portraits

oil pet portraits

Oil Pet Portraits

3Initial Contact and Deposit Payment

Contact me with your photos and let me know your requirements and thoughts. Photos sent by snail-mail will be returned along with the completed portrait. If you sent photos for approval, which I for some reason could not work from, I will return them free of charge. Once I have seen and approved your photos, visit my Portrait Ordering page to make your deposit payment. I take half of the amount for the size and medium of your choice to start, no additonal servises or extras. I will then create a composite from your photos in a photo editing software as a visualisation for your final portrait.

The deposit is refundable before I start working on your artwork, minus a 5% fee taken by the Payment Gateways and time spent on photo compositions and emails. Your payment is safe and secure, actual payments are done on VeriSign Trusted Servers with SSL Certificates. I accept most major credit or debit cards.


4Painting Progress and Final Scan

You will have the benefit of following the entire painting progress on my Art Diary Blog and make suggestions as I'm painting your portrait. It is a very popular feature and it's the perfect way to keep you updated at all times. I photograph the portrait in various stages and post them for you to see how far I've got in the process. I scan the final portrait and post it in my blog to ensure that you are happy with the completed portrait. Even though your portrait is considered completed you can still request alternations.

photo to painting

5Bespoke Framing

Take the chance to get your portrait framed with a framing which will enhance and protect it for generations. The framings are in highest possible quality, provided by my professional framer and wholesaler. Visit framing info here»

6Balance Payment, Packaging and Delivery

The balance is paid once the portrait is completed and approved by you. It is done so that I send a Paypal invoice with the balance amount to your email. All portraits are packed carefully to help prevent any damage, sent with FedEx door-to-door delivery. Shipping costs depends on which part of the world you are located. View shipping and packaging prices below:

  • Sweden shipping is kr 300 if unframed and kr 470 if framed.
  • Europe shipping is kr 400 if unframed and kr 570 if framed.
  • Worldwide shipping is kr 500 if unframed and kr 670 if framed.

Once the package is sent it arrives within a few days in Europe and 3 up to 10 days overseas. Observe that shipping can take longer around Christmas.


Contact Katja Turnsek for a Pet Portrait Today

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, I'm very much looking forward to hearing from you