German Shorthaired Pointer Pet Portraits in Conté Pastel by Katja Turnsek

German shorthaired Pointer pastel sketch portrait

Pet Portrait Commission Info

Catrinel Pauna was impressed with my work and contacted me to create a gift for a dear friend of hers. The dogs name is Charme and it’s a German shorthaired Pointer.

I drew the portrait in conte crayon and hard pastel on Canson Mi-Tientes Touch paper. The size is 25 x 20 cm and the portrait was drawn in 2013. If you like the style of these soulful pet portraits, do not hesitate to contact me to have your own portrait done.


Last night your drawing was given to our friend. He was speechless and very impressed. Loved it and shared it on his Fb wall and got many likes and comments!

You should be happy, you art was successful once more.

Catrinel Pauna