Pet Portraits in Conté Pastel by Katja Turnsek

The classic and painterly medium which achieves soulful smoothness with a dreamy feel


My conté pastel pet portraits are traditionally hand drawn on high quality paper. They are very dynamic and allow me to express my deepest creativeness no matter the subject. They reflect the animals or people's most important features and characteristics without any detail to get in the way.

All you need is a favorite photo! If you love my conté portraits and would like to have a conté drawing created, don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Click on each small portrait thumbnail below to view a large-sized version of each pencil drawing, a detail image of the drawing and reference photo provided by the client.

painterly portraits in conte crayon
Conté Pastel Portrait of Horse
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Conté Pastel Portrait of baby
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Conté Pastel Portrait of Golden Retriever
Mr. B
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Conté Drawing Techniques

My conté drawings are created on Canson Mi Teintes Touch paper. The paper has a sanded-type coating with a smooth tooth which makes it ideal for my conté portraits. It comes in a wide range of colors, both warm and cold. I love the white, cream, flannel gray and sepia most though.

Conté crayons are much like hard pastels, but are also blended with clay and graphite with the natural pigments. I use brushes and erasers for blending and special effects.

About My Painterly Conté Drawings

The portraits are usually created in sepia or with very limited colors which helps me create drama in my work. I combine soft areas with hard edges where they are needed. Backgrounds are soft and dark to make the subject stand out.

The paper underneath is used to create color harmony and shows though in many areas. Portraits with simpler backgrounds are ideal for conté. They are delivered with a mount/matt and must be framed under glass.

Conté Pastel Portrait of dog
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