Norwegian Elkound Pet Portraits in Graphite Pencil by Katja Turnsek

Norwegian Elkound pet portrait in pencil

Pet Portrait Commission Info

This is a pencil drawing I created of a dog named Taisho several years ago. The portrait drawing is in size A4 which used to be a standard size of mine. Taisho is a Norwegian elkhound (Jämthund), the client decided to commission this pencil portrait as a surprise gift for his wife.

This drawing took ca. 60 hours to complete, those hours were very intense. This is one of the most detailed pencil dog portraits I have done. Most of my portraits are less detailed than this one.

Drawing Information

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Size: 27,9 x 21 cm
Year Drawn: 2009
Subject: Dog / Norwegian Elkhound / Taisho
Commissioned by: Gary Rainville, USA

The Reference Photograph of "Taisho"

Gary provided with several beautiful photos of his Taisho. This one was a favorite from the very beginning though and that's why I created a pencil portrait using this one as reference. I created a mock-up of the original before I started up the drawing.

Reference Photo

Hi Katja!

My apologies for taking so long to get back to you. As I mentioned, we decided to move recently and so my life has been upside down for a couple of months as we are nearly finished selling our house and moved into a rental home. We're now about 20 minutes south of San Francisco instead of right in the city.

While this was going on I finally got the portrait of Taisho back from the framers' and it looks great! I put it on a wall in our master bedroom and had my wife close her eyes while I stood her right in front of it. I told her this was her belated and now long-awaited birthday gift that she was surely going to love -- and so of course she couldn't imagine what it was -- and she was brought to tears. It's such a lovely portrait. You really captured his character and this is a piece of art we'll cherish the rest of our lives.

I'm really happy with how it turned out and feel so lucky to have kept digging on the Internet until I found you -- all the way in Sweden. The framers, who have seen it all, were really impressed with your work too. The eyes, the depth to the work -- they were pretty astonished. Attached is a photo of the framed piece. Getting a picture of Taisho is hard as he doesn't like to have cameras pointed at him. It took me a long time to get you a good photo to work with. And then having the framed drawing next to him adds to the complication, but I will try to get one of him and the drawing and send it along. I thought you might want to see the framing for now.

Best regards,
Gary Rainville