Labrador Retriever Pet Portraits in Conté Pastel by Katja Turnsek

Labrador Retriever pet portrait in Conté

Pet Portrait Commission Info

This is a painterly conté portrait of Chocolate Labrador retriever "Ginger", lying on a bed. I created this drawing of her year 2012 in size 40 x 30 cm and it was commissioned ad a gift.

I added some green in the drawing to lift it and create some more interest in the artwork, so I used three colors in total. The client decided to frame it by my local framer, you can view the framed portrait below. All my conté crayon portraits are drawn on Canson Mi Teintes Touch paper. If you like the style of these soulful pet portraits, do not hesitate to contact me to have your own portrait done.

Hi Katja,

HE LOVED IT!!!! OMG, WORTH EVERY PENNY!!! It came on our anniversary so that was wonderful. He just kept staring at it. He has since found you on Facebook and has "liked" the pictures and shared it on his timeline.

Thank you again!!!