King Charles Pet Portraits in Oil by Katja Turnsek

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet portraits in oil

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet portraits in oil

Pet Portrait Commission Info

This is Coco, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who sadly passed away while I was painting her. Unfortunately she had a chronic heart  disease and she didn't have much time left when Tania commissioned a painting of her.

Coco, was a special little girl with very bright eyelashes and Diva of the house. Tania personally knew a framer in UK and she decided the have the painting framed over there. This is a full-body winter scene, but still, I wanted to use warm enough colours for the entirety of it.

Painting Information

Medium: Oil on Linen Canvas
Size: 35 x 30 cm
Year Painted: 2013
Subject: Dog / Cavalier / Coco
Commissioned by: Tania Ledger, UK

The Reference Photograph of "Coco"

Tania sent me several nice photos, but this was the best one. The original unedited photo is the the right, and my edited photo is to the left. Even though I do most alternations while I'm painting, I still like to do as much as I can before starting out. I painted warmer colors and created a simpler background to make Coco stand out.

Reference Photo

Pet Portrait in Progress

Below you can view a few work in progress photos of this portrait. It is important for me that you understand the painting process at the same as you have a full input the entire time, that is why I’m prepared to spend some extra time in order to keep you regularly updated. I have had this feature for many years, even though I uploaded the progress images to a static html page at first. Now I use my portraits in blog for this exciting feature. If you do not wish to share your painting’s progress or the completed painting with the world, I can send you the progress images by email. Several clients decided to do this, especially famous ones.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel pet portraits in oil


I am sorry for the delay. I just wanted to say thank you for the painting, it is absolutely beautiful. I will treasure it.

Kind regards,
Tania Ledger