Gallery of My Family with Pets, Surroundings & Other Photos

Welcome to my gallery! This time about me and my family with children, our dog and the areas that surrounds us both here in Sweden and in Slovenia, where we are in summer times.

We are planning to move to Slovenia in about five years and are starting the huge project of renovating our house there this summer. I will keep you updated with help of some photos when it all starts.

Somehow when I'm in Slovenia I always feel that it's home and Sweden is not, even though I'm born here. I need sun and light to create paintings. Anyway, here are some photos which should tell something about me.

Click on the images for a bigger view.

ladybug ladybug Emily Bublebee
Wood-anemone Yellow jacket Raider Me and Raider
Emily Emily Sheep Our house
Daniel Daniel Daniel and Raider Daniel and Raider
Radier Raider Gunnebo castle Stensjö lake
Peacock Peacock Slottskogen Moose
Emily Swans Swans and ducks Swans
Stensjö lake Stensjö lake Scoobi The sea
Me Daniel Emily and Santa Emily and my father