Horse & Rider Portraits in Oils by Katja Turnsek

horse portrait in oil

Horse Portrait Commission Info

This oil portrait was commissioned by a mother as a birthday gift to her daughter Agnes. It's Agnes jumping together with her horse Spice Boy on this painting, they trained and competed together.

Agnes is a person with a big heart and caring with both people and animals. She had to sell her C-pony Spice Boy because Agnes grew older, so this painting is a memory of her forever missed pony. Ulrika also decided to get this painting framed by my local framer, see photo in my framing section.

Painting Information

Medium: Oil on Linen Canvas
Size: 46 x 38 cm
Year Painted: 2009
Subject: Horse & Rider / Spice Boy & Agnes
Commissioned by: Ulrika Blomgren, Sweden

The Reference Photograph of "Agnes & Spice Boy"

This photo is taken by a professional photographer at a contest. Ulrika paid for the picture so we could use it as reference for artwork. Perhaps it doesn't like like I have done much with the photo, but I shortened the entire agility bar on the right side. I also deleted the entire agility bar at the back. My photo mock-up is to the left and the original photo is to the right.

Reference Photo

Dog Portrait in Progress

Below you can view a few work in progress photos of this portrait. It is important for me that you understand the painting process at the same as you have a full input the entire time, that is why I’m prepared to spend some extra time in order to keep you regularly updated. I have had this feature for many years, even though I uploaded the progress images to a static html page at first. Now I use my portraits in blog for this exciting feature. If you do not wish to share your painting’s progress or the completed painting with the world, I can send you the progress images by email. Several clients decided to do this, especially famous ones.

horse portrait in oil


What lovely horse and rider! Its really visible how Spice boy loves jumping, he is smiling and the eyes are very beautiful. Agnes really show full focus and concentration on the next obstacle. With mane and tail that flies (and the blurry background) it’s clear that you get an understanding about just how fast they are riding!

I can understand how difficult it can be to paint that small detail, as you can find in faces; it’s probably very finically. We love the painting! Waiting with excitement to see it for real. I hope I can collect the painting in Wednesday so she can receive it on her 15th birthday! A truly beautiful gift I believe.

Ulrika Blomgren