Napolitano Mastino Pet Portraits in Pencils by Katja Turnsek

napolitano mastino pet portrait in pencil

Pet Portrait Commission Info

Donna won a gift voucher for this pencil portrait on a dog show she attended. The dogs name is Notte ( Ch. Magnetoe's Notte of Forrest Edge ) and I really enjoyed to draw him.

Notte has a very interesting face with lots of wrinkles and there were quite some interesting areas to draw with much expression and personality. The eyes were not visible unfortunately, but there is still some character in his face, the eyes were not even needed. Unfortunately I don't have the reference photograph left.

Drawing Information

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Size: 21 x 29,7 cm
Year Drawn: 2006
Subject: Dog / Napolitano Mastino / Notte
Commissioned by: Donna, USA

Pet Portrait in Progress

Below you can view a few work in progress photos of this portrait. It is important for me that you understand the painting process at the same as you have a full input the entire time, that is why I’m prepared to spend some extra time in order to keep you regularly updated. I have had this feature for many years, even though I uploaded the progress images to a static html page at first. Now I use my portraits in blog for this exciting feature. If you do not wish to share your painting’s progress or the completed painting with the world, I can send you the progress images by email. Several clients decided to do this, especially famous ones.

napolitano mastino pet portrait in pencil

Hi Katja,

Received Notte's pencil drawing today - IT IS FANTASTIC!!  You could reach out and give that boy of ours a kiss and feel one back. You are extremely talented and blessed. Am going out to get it framed today and will bring it to our Neapolitan club meeting this Sunday!! Please send text for our newsletter as soon as convenient for you.

Thank you!!!