Cat Pet Portraits in Graphite Pencil by Katja Turnsek

cat pet portraits in pencil

cat pet portraits in pencil

Cat Pet Portrait Info

This is a detailed pencil drawing of Rory as a kitten. Rory is a very playful cat and I thought the reference photo really reflects his personality, especially the eyes. The photo was taken by Jill Sawer Phypers and I want to thank her for letting me use it for my art.

The reason I drew Rory is because I don't have that many cat portraits to show on my online gallery. This cat portrait was drawn on Fabriano Artistico extra white paper.

Drawing Information

Medium: Graphite Pencil
Size: 30 x 25 cm
Year Drawn: 2012
Subject: Cat / Rory
Commissioned by: no one, private collection

The Reference Photograph of "Rory"

I didn't change much here. The only thing I did was, changed the photograph to black and white and then excluded the background elements I didn't want to draw. I didn't ignore much detail on this drawing.

Reference Photo