Beagle Pet Portraits in Oils by Katja Turnsek

Beagle pet portraits in oil


Pet Portrait Commission Info

This is the Beagle Elvis, a much loved family member who sadly passed away at the age of 13. His family called him Mr Independent since he had a terrific terrific strength of will. Samantha wrote that his favourite activity other than eating was to bask in the sun and nap.

He survived many adventures including getting lost in the Australian bush for 10 days. They wanted a beautiful portrait in oil on canvas to remember him by for ever. I created this portrait on my favorite Italian linen universal primed canvas. This is one of my favorite paintings for this year, painted with a very limited palette and great colour-harmony and light.

Painting Information

Medium: Oil on Linen Canvas
Size: 35 x 30 cm
Year Painted: 2013
Subject: Dog / Beagle / Elvis
Commissioned by: Samantha Corrigan, Australia

The Reference Photograph of "Elvis"

Samantha sent me several photographs, but she had a favorite which she wanted me to paint from. On that photograph, the top of Elvis head was cropped so I had to take that part from another photo and paste it onto the favorite one.

I added suitable colors to the background and over some parts of the dog, since the photo was taken while looking down on Elvis. This way the pose look natural on the painting. The reference photo is to the right and my mock-up is to the left.

Reference Photo

Pet Portrait in Progress

Below you can view a few work in progress photos of this portrait. It is important for me that you understand the painting process at the same as you have a full input the entire time, that is why I’m prepared to spend some extra time in order to keep you regularly updated. I have had this feature for many years, even though I uploaded the progress images to a static html page at first. Now I use my portraits in blog for this exciting feature. If you do not wish to share your painting’s progress or the completed painting with the world, I can send you the progress images by email. Several clients decided to do this, especially famous ones.

Beagle pet portrait in progress

Hi Katja,

It's magnificent. The eyes and the ears are so realistic. I feel like I should be able to reach out and pat him when I look at it.
Thanks again for such a beautiful painting.

Kind regards,
Samantha Corrigan