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Welcome to Pet Portraits & Art Friends

I highly recommend you to visit some fellow artists listed on this page. Some are specializing in painting pet portraits, others are painting portraits of people and even landscapes. You will find some quality work here, visit and even commission some paintings from them. Each artist has his or her her own style, perhaps you will find some artists of interest here!?

There are hundred thousands of artists out there, waiting to work for you. This page is dedicated to my fellow artists out there. If you like my website and work, please promote my Pet Portraits with my banner.

pet portraits by Katja Turnsek

Collin Bogle is one of my favourite nature artists out there. He creates strikingly realistic wildlife and flower paintings with great light. You can buy originals or fine art prints from him, really worth a visit!

Visit this wonderful pencil artist at McbPortraits, based in Birmingham, England, UK. You will get a portrait with a truly unique style in graphite or coloured pencils. You can commission both people and pet portraits here.

If you would like to see some truly nice an unique illustrations, why not visit Melissa A. Benson? She creates Alternate Reality Illustrations and is taking on fine art commissions.

Lorraine Clivery is a UK based portrait artist, painting pets and people in pastel. Why not commission Lorraine for a pastel portrait from your photo? Visit her website to view her lovely portraits.

If you are looking for landscape artwork, then Andrew Whyte truly is worth a visit. He is based in New Zealand and created beautiful works of art in oils. Or, if you are a fellow artist looking for Tutorials, get a FREE Oil Painting for Beginners ebook and the follow on 'Painting Landscapes' e-book.

McbPortraits, Pencil Portrait Artist - Specialising in detailed drawings of people and pets from photographs.

Michael Dunn - Creating artworks in many ways, a talanted and interesting artist working with sculpture, photography, woodcarving and other things.

Joanna's Pet Portraits, Johanna has been working as a professional animal artist for many years, commission her for a pastel portrait from your own photographs. She is based in USA, a nationally known artist.

Ian Sheldon's Gallery of Fine Art & Illustration - Visit Ian Sheldon's Gallery of fine art for landscapes and skyscapes in oil, architectural watercolours, limited edition giclee prints, illustrations and books by the artist.

The art of Alastair Lockwood has been inspired by graphic realism, working in colored pencils. Alastair's art has been featured in several magazine articles and has received numerous prizes. Visit to view the beautiful artworks with themes of contrast, detail and refelctions.

Colette Theriault creates pet portraits and wildlife art in varius mediums. Visit her website and commission an affordable and realistic portrait in graphite pencil, colored pencil, pastel or watercolor.

Arantxa is a Spanish artist, vreating really nice people portraits in graphite pencils from your photographs. If you are looking for affordable, but nicely rendered portraits of your self or loved ones, visit to commission a portrait here.

Anna Bregman is a portrait artist, specializing particularly in children’s portraits and pet portraits. if you commission her, she will create your painting or drawing from your favourite photographs. You can choose between pencil or oils.

Penny Richardson is a UK based pet portrait artist with over 30 years of experience, creating cat, horse and dog portraits. She specialises in painting portraits from your photos in a variety of painting mediums such as Gouache, Pastel and Oils.

Bobby is another fellow artist, taking commissions in phraphite pencil. He will draw your pet, but also rest of your family members and friends. Here is the thing! Bobby don't take any deposits, that is how convinced he is that you will be happy with your portrait.

Caril Chasens creates interesting sculptures in wood, so if you would like to see something different be sure to visit his gallery. Caril has a website in both English and German.

Pet Portrait Artist Mary Buergin creates hand-painted painterly and lifelike dog portraits from your photographs in oils on canvas. All paintings are soulful and lovely, the prices even include a frame.

Jesus and Javier Carmona are two brothers, artists based in Madrid, Spain. They are both creating fantasy and Science-Fiction art, they got their inspiration from roleplaying games. If you are looking for great illustrations, commission their work.

The Fantasy Art of Carmona Brothers - Online gallery of Jesus and Javier Carmona Esteban. Freelance Fantasy Illustrators.

Vlatka and Zoran, Parallel Gallery - Abstract painting by artist painter Vlatka Kavalir Zugic and surreal painting by artist painter Zoran Zugic - Parallel Art Gallery of paintings.

Watercolour Paintings - Watercolour paintings of landscapes, wildlife, nudes and abstract.

Wildlife Paintings of Africa and North America by Janet N. Heaton

Vie Dunn-Harr is a painter and contemporary realist, creating lovely paintings in oil. She loves realism and has exhibited in the USA, Europe and Mexico. Visit her website to view all the paintings she creates.

This is a virtual gallery who features several traditional and contemporary American artists. The website is called Palm Beach Art and most artworks are avaliable for purchase and licensing. Visit Palm Beach Art with original oil and acrylic paintings and you will find a series of beautful artwork here.

Although not paintied art, I think this is a very interesting kind of art. Visit Gene Gill Miniatures with unique one-of-a-kind created miniature models of historical landmark buildings from around the world. Very beautiful and detailed created buildings, worth a visit!

Although Studio Arts and Crafts is a retailer and ecommerce website of art supplies, they also have a gallery with limited edition prints and originals by artists local to Lancashire. Visit them and you will find very nice contemporary art.

If you would like to see beautiful work of art and read interesting articles about the Art world and news, visit Theartwolf.com, Art Magazine. for an independent point of the art world. The website is available in both English and Spanish.

Even though this isn't a website about art, still this is a very important part for all of us who ever lost a pet. To get a portrait done as a memorial is a lovely treasure to own, but here Pet Heaven Express also offers their own Pet memorial products, sutch as Pet Caskets, Pet Casket Liners, weather proof Pet Memorial Markers with Urn and Pet Memorial Keepsakes.